Rethinking Work

#5: Leading Change: Managing Work Environments w. Gregg Brown

December 10, 2018

If businesses aren’t agile, ready to adapt, and pivot at a moments notice, they could be the next ones to close its doors. 

But businesses aren’t the only ones that have be alert…

Employees and workers have to be on their toes too. 

Changing business structure means the possibility of losing jobs.

And we need to be ready to adapt to this change.

But how many of us truly are? 

We brought on Gregg Brown: best-selling author, inspiring speaker and award-winning expert in the fields of leadership, resilience and change.

He gives us some of his best strategies on how to deal with change, tactics businesses & employees to prepare for the worst, and on how remain grounded when challenging situations arise (both in the workplace, and in our own lives).